CCBF Founding Board Member Ivan Obolensky Celebrates his 90th Birthday

CCBF Founder and Board Member, Ivan Obolensky celebrated his 90th Birthday on 15 May, 2015. Mr. Obolensky spent the evening of this milestone occasion with close friends at the Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club where he is also the Chairman & CEO. Mr. Obolensky was actively involved in the founding of the Children’s Blood Foundation in 1952, and is currently a Director on the CCBF Board. Mr. Obolensky’s commitment over the past 62 years has been instrumental in the growth of the organization, and CCBF would not be where it is today without his tireless support.

Born in Hanover Lodge, London, England, Ivan Obolensky came to America when he was two weeks old on his Uncle Vincent Astor’s yacht “Nourmahal”.  His mother’s family, The Astors also lived in Rhinebeck, New York and 840 Fifth across of “400”.  Ivan Obolensky attended Buckley School, St. George in Newport, Rhode Island and Yale University also the US Navy V-5 Navy Air Group program, where he became a “USNR Lieutenant, (Jg)”.  Graduating with a Yale BA degree, Bennett Certificate published Ivan Obolensky in a novel “Rogues’ March” at Random House, following which he formed his own Publishing House McDowell- Obolensky in 1956.  Two of his first list books received the Pulitzer Prize while his unique new Astor Books for Children were awarded prestigious Caldecott Awards.  J.P. Donleavy’s, “The Ginger Man”, James Agee’s “A Death in the Family”, and Joan Didion’s first books were among his openers.  Meanwhile, always on-going family investment research interests lead Mr. Obolensky to form his own Astor Capital Management Associates to go along with his earlier successful financial efforts and well-known economic acumen.  He joined with the investment community devoting seventeen years of investment research efforts at Shields and Company, winding up with Raymond James & Associates today.

Mr. Obolensky entirely participates in the New York Philanthropy Community, aside from being actively associated with CCBF.