Dr. DiMichele Featured in "Blood Detectives"

Dr. DiMichele and two families under her clinical care participated in the filming of a hematology documentary named "Blood Detectives," which premiered on Discovery Health on Friday, December 19, 2008 at 7:00 pm EST. Blood Detectives aired on the Discovery Health Channel, DC station WETA, and PBS-affiliated stations around the country. The hour-long documentary that details the secrets and mysteries of human blood and introduces the amazing work hematologists do. The film follows patients who suffer from blood disease, from six-year-old Ezra, who suffers from severe life-threatening anemia, to Rebecca, the young mother whose life and that of her baby are at risk because of a disorder that causes dangerous blood clots. The film follows Dr. DiMichele and other expert hematologists as they search for treatments and cures.

Watch it here: