When Should I Contact a Doctor?

CCBF is just a fundraising office, so we cannot give you medical advice as we are not medical professionals. You know your body and health better than anyone. If you have persistent symptoms or changes in your health that may be a result of cancer or a blood disorder, we suggest you call the Division at 212-746-3400.

However, we can help you navigate through our site to find the answers to questions you may have and connect you with other supporters that may be going through a similar experience.

We encourage you to browse our resources to learn more about your child's illness. These areas can help you learn more about symptoms, treatments options, and experiences of other patients. Some people are able to find the information they need from these sections without the consultation of a doctor. However, these materials should not replace a visit with your doctor if you have additional questions or are experiencing symptoms.

If you have a question that must be answered immediately, we recommend that you call the Division at 212-746-3400.