Fulfill A Wish Today

CCBF is working to fulfill children's wishes through the Amazon Wish List Giving Program. By using CCBF's Amazon online wish list, people can donate toys and games which can help keep the waiting area in the Clinic well stocked. Also, the donated goods can make special events like birthdays and holidays much happier and memorable celebrations. Donors don't need to spend time buying the items and sending them to the hospital (the donation made through the wish list includes shipping). By using our shared wish list, donors can know exactly where their money is going. 



Items such as books, games, dolls, colored pencils, crayons, and other toys are included on the wish list. Gift selections are carefully made by CCBF's child life staff to support children with age-appropriate and personalized gifts. Click here to view our Child Life Donation Guidelines. Visit here for Developmental Breakdown and Gift Suggestions. 

Making donations with the wish list is easy. Visit our amazon wishlist or make a donation to provide toys and gifts to children with cancer and blood disorders. 

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If you have any questions at all feel free to contact CCBF at [email protected] or 212.297.4336.