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CCBF Doctors Rated Among New York's Best Doctors
In the latest issue of New York Magazine's Best Doctors, three of CCBF's doctors were named among the best pediatric hematologists and oncologists.
CCBF Receives 4 out of 4 Stars from Charity Navigator!
Charity Navigator awarded CCBF with their coveted 4-star rating.
Dr. Lyden Authors New Book on Cancer Metastasis
Continuing upon his cutting-edge research on cancer metastasis research in the CCBF laboratories, Dr. Lyden is an editor of Cancer Metastasis: Biologic Basis and Therapeutics.
CCBF Among New York's Best Doctors
CCBF doctors make New York Magazine's 2010 Best Doctors list.
WCBS News Segment Focuses on Thalassemia
WCBS medical reporter Dr. Holly Phillips speaks about newborn genetic testing with a thalassemia patient and his family as well as Dr. Patricia Giardina, Chief of the Division. Dr. Giardina discusses the importance of early genetic testing in detecting diseases such as thalassemia.
Dr. Bussel Featured in The New York Times
The New York Times recently published an article on bleeding disorders, focusing on ITP and Von Willenbrand disease. Dr. Bussel shares how he determines the difference between a child having leukemia or ITP based on a host of symptoms.
CCBF Doctors Among New York Magazine Best Doctors
In 2009, Dr. Aledo and Dr. Bussel were named among New York Magazine's Top 100 doctors.
Dr. Giardina Featured in Thalassemia Book
Dr. Giardina's dedication to clinical work and research for thalassemia is featured in Dr. Arthur Bank's "Turning Blood Red: The Fight for Life in Cooley's Anemia"
Dr. DiMichele Featured in "Blood Detectives"
Dr. DiMichele and two of her patients are showcased in "Blood Detectives," part of a new blood disease awareness campaign from the American Society of Hematology.
On Call with Dr. Jay Adlersberg
Dr. Jay Adlersberg interviews Dr. Giardina and Dr. Rivella in his story on the latest research on thalassemia, also known as Cooley's Anemia.