Dr. Cunningham-Rundles discovered maitake mushrooms may enhance immune responses against bacterial infection in MDS patients. Maitake beta-glucan consumption improves neutrophil and monocyte function in lower-risk MDS patients. Published in Cancer Immunol Immunother in 2015.

Dr. Rivella was part of a team that discovered pharmacologic NMD inhibitors can be used as part of a strategy to restore full-length protein in a variety of genetic diseases. Published in Cancer Research on June 2014.

Dr. McGuinn researched an alternative treatment (risk-adapted cyclophosphamide-based conditioning) for SAA patients without a matched related donor that showed promise in pilot study. Published in Pediatric Blood Cancer on February 2014.

Dr. Lyden was part of a research group that discovered higher levels of PDGF-CC in glioma specimens were associated with more rapid disease recurrence and poorer overall survival. There is a PDGFRα/PDGF-CC signaling axis that contributes to vascular remodeling and tumoral blood vessel production in the brain. Published in Cancer Research on December 2013.

Dr. Giulino-Roth was part of a research team that determined rituximab can be safely added to FAB/LMB96 chemotherapy in children and adolescent with Stage III/IV mature B-cell lymphoma/leukaemia to improve outcomes without adding excess toxicity. Published in British Journal of Haematology on September 2013.

Dr. Giulino-Roth completed a ten year follow-up of pediatric patients with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma that were treated with either allogeneic or autologous stem cell transplantation. A majority of the patients responded well without disease, especially those with chemotherapy sensitive disease. Published in Pediatric Blood Cancer on July 2013.

Dr. Lyden was part of a team that discovered cancer patients had increased levels of IL-6, which promotes tumor-supporting functions. Blocking this pathway disrupted functions that facilitated growth, invasion and metastasis. Published in Neroplasia on July 2013.

Dr. Lyden was part of a research team that discovered when vessels in endothelial cells sprout, it removes the suppression cue in disseminated tumor cells, and accelerates breast cancer cell outgrowth. Published in Nature Cell Biology on June 2013.

Dr. Aledo researched the effect of combining imatinib and intensive chemotherapy on chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients and allogeneic BMT (blood marrow transplant) patients. Published in Leukemia on July 2014.